Quiz 2

Due by 5:59 PM on Monday, October 21, 2019

Quiz 2 can be taken starting on October 15th: Canvas link to Quiz 2

  1. You will have one week to complete the quiz (that is, the quiz must be completed by 5:59pm on October 21, 2019). Note this is not by midnight, but before the next class.

  2. This quiz will consist of 10 multiple choice questions. You will have 20 minutes to complete the quiz. You may only take the quiz once. Grades will not be available until the quiz closes.

  3. You will be required to use in-browser locking to prevent you from having other materials open.

  4. Per the syllabus, you are not allowed to use any resources (slides, notes, other people, etc.) when taking this quiz. By taking the quiz, you pledge on your honor that you did not use any unauthorized resource.

  5. No late quizzes accepted. If you do not complete the quiz in time, you will receive 0% grade.


  1. Time/Spatial (Week 4): Wilke Chapters 13-15 (1-3 questions)

  2. Distributions/Uncertainty (Week 5): Wilke Chapters 7-9 (same as Slides 6-19) and Wilke Chapter 16 (similar to Slides 22-25) (1-3 questions)

  3. Models (Week 6): Healy Chapter 6 (1-3 questions)

  4. DataCamp 2: Exploratory Data Analysis in R: Case Study (5+ questions). For practice, your best resource is the associated DataCamp practice questions: https://practice.datacamp.com/p/19.