Problem set 4

Due by 11:59 PM on Monday, December 2, 2019

You will implement the shiny app shown in Chapter 5 in Mastering Shiny by Hadley Wickham.

Task 1: app-1.R

Create a Shiny app based on 5.4. Call this file app-1.R.

To download, the files. This will put the files into a folder names ‘neiss’.

app-1.R should create this app:

Task 2: app-2.R

Using app-1.R as a template/base, create a new file call app-2.R that starts with app-1.R.

Follow the instructions in 5.5 Polish tables.

app-2.R should look like this:

Task 3: app-3.R

Follow 5.6 Rate vs count to create app-3.R.

app-3.R should look like this:

Task 4: app-4.R

Follow 5.7 Narrative and create app-4.R.

app-4.R should looks like this:

Task 5: Make an Improvement

Create an enhancement on app-4.R and save it as app-5.R.

You can choose anything. A new layout, new shiny theme, add in a better ggplot2 theme.

More creative choices will get more credit.

Task 6: Zip your folder and load to Canvas

Save your folder as

It should have your data and be fully reproducible. You do not need to deploy your app to