Time & Space

Materials for class on Monday, September 16, 2019



  1. Problem Set 1 is due tonight by 11:59pm Monday, Sept 16th. 50% penalty if turned in within 24 hours of deadline. 0% credit if turned in 24+ hours of deadline.

  2. Quiz 1 has closed. We will review answers in class.

  3. DataCamp 2 is due by 11:59pm Tuesday, Sept 24th. Same policies as DataCamp 1.

  4. Modifications in schedule, e.g., corrected the schedule for Fall Break. Problem Set 2 has been assigned but the deadline was pushed back one week (now due Monday, Oct 7). However, be aware of upcoming assignments relative to Fall Break .

Tweet of the day

For more details, see the rayshader package website. There are other great posts by Tyler like doing 3D ggplot charts and 3D maps with rayshader. Please note - like anything cutting edge - this package may have bugs and dependencies that require you to set up the right tools. So only pursue if you’re up for the challenge.

Lab 4: Ch. 5 and Ch. 7 of Healy

  1. Go to our healy-dataviz project.

  2. We’ll start with Healy Chapter 5: Graph tables, add labels, make notes: Open file 05_tables_and_labels.Rmd. We’ll go through the code until line 190: “05-tables-and-labels-14”.

  3. In class exercise (30 min). See Slides 2.

  4. Chapter 8: Draw Maps in Healy. Open file 07_maps.Rmd.


full screen / pdf version

  1. R Graph GallerySee the Evolution and Map sections for a ton of template functions, especially using ggplot2

  2. Make your own animated plots with gganimate

  3. R advanced spatial lessons by Ben Best

  4. Statnmap’s Introduction to mapping with sf and company

  5. LittleMissData’s Map plots created with R and ggmap