Visual Representations I

Materials for class on Monday, August 26, 2019


Tweet of the day

Enrico Bertini is a data visualization researcher at NYU who co-hosts (with Moritz Stefaner) the podcast “Data Stories”, which I highly recommend.

,Jeff Heer is a leading researcher in data visualization; he helped develop D3, Trifacta, Vega, and has had countless other publications. My personal favorite is his already classic 2009 “Brief History of Data Visualization” talk on YouTube.


  1. Make sure you’re signed-up for RStudio, DataCamp, and Slack. See your emails for class links – you need to use email links to sign up, not the links on this course website!

  2. DataCamp 1 is due next Tuesday, Sept 3rd by 11:59pm that night. You need to complete the entire course for credit. You do not need to submit anything by Canvas. I can see when you complete the entire course and will manually update your grade on Canvas. Per course syllabus, 50% credit if late within 24 hours. 0% credit if late after 24 hours.

  3. Problem Set 1 is delayed one week - now due Monday, Sept 16th. Bring questions to next class Monday, Sept 9th (no class next week due to Labor Day).

  4. DataCamp 3 changed. DataCamp no longer offers Intro to Shiny. New instructions are posted on the assignment page.

  5. A few optional DataCamp courses were provided. These are to help students who are brand new to R and data importing, cleaning, and manipulation. They will not be graded.


  1. Michael Friendly’s Psych 6135: Psychology of Data Visualization Graphical PerceptionThese slides were modified for this class.

  1. Why R/Studio and the tidyverse

full screen / pdf version

  1. Omayma Said’s Intro to the Tidyverse: Data Manipulation using dplyr

  2. Lab: Healy Chapter 3: “Make a Plot”