Interactions & Frameworks

Materials for class on Monday, November 18, 2019



Tweet(s) of the day:

RinteRface includes several web frameworks as R packages including: shinydashboardPlus, bs4Dash, argonDash.

Hands-on Class

Creating PowerPoint using R

Tarun Sharma will show a quick demo on using officer package to create PowerPoints using R. RStudio Cloud project

Hands-on Work

We’ll heavily use our RStudio Cloud project for sample Shiny apps.

Next, we’ll use this RStudio.Cloud project to introduce interaction (/interactions/ folder), shinydashboard and related shinywidgets (/shinydashboard/ folder), last other helpful shiny widgets (/widgets/ folder).

The last hour of class will be time for you to work with your groups or begin Problem Set 4.

1. Brusing & interaction:

2. shinydashboard

3. Helper functions: dragulaR, shinyWidgets / shiny demo, and waiter

4. Optional slides