Shiny in Production

Materials for class on Monday, November 25, 2019



  1. Final Projects. Optional 20 min project check-ins this Sat, Dec 1 (12-4pm) and Mon, Dec 3 (12-1pm).For each group, please select no more than 1 time. If some group members can’t make it physically, consider bringing in calling or using Google Hangouts - students are responsible for setting it up!

  1. Problem Set 4 is due in a week.If you’ve been following class, it should be easy.

  2. DataCamp 4 is due by tomorrow (November 26) at midnight.

  3. Quiz 4 assigned. Due by class (5:59pm, Monday, December 2nd).

Tweet of the Day

Check out rintrojs


1. Shiny in Production Workshop

2. Joe Cheng’s Shiny in Production

Alternatively, you can watch Joe’s talk from RStudio::Conf 2019 here. It’s also important to see shinyloadtest for instructions on how to install as it can be a bit tricky.

3. Hands-on

If time, we’ll consider this RStudio.Cloud project with golem. We’ll use these slides from golem too.